Green Light Consulting | marketing consultant | St. Louis, Missouri
Every business owner has a vision when they first open their doors. But as you grow, your vision and business adjusts. Your marketing and sales strategies should too.


Green Light Consulting helps businesses find the missing pieces of their brand puzzle to bring their vision to life. Particularly during times of transition, an objective advisor is often needed to smoothly guide your executive team through the process. We give you the benefit of adding senior level expertice to your team without the cost and overhead involved in adding full time staff. And we will help you get to your goals more quickly and efficiently.

Indicators that Your Business Needs Marketing Help

  • You have a really big vision for the business but aren't exactly sure how to get there.

  • Your marketing program is disorganized, scattered, ad hoc or non-existent.

  • Your marketing program is not based on specific strategies that tie back to your business goals.

  • Marketing is handled by the owner, assigned as a "side job" to a staff member or to no one at all.

  • You believe you need a new website,  brochure or (fill-in the blank) but you cannot articulate why.

  • Sales and profits are flat, or worse yet, declining.

  • You are unsure of the impact of your current marketing spend.

  • Marketing and sales mean the same thing in your business.

Benefits to a Virtual Marketing Executive


  • Big brand experience and insights that are right-sized for your business

  • Higher profitability and increased ROI on marketing spending

  • Honest, direct and unbiased advice focused on what's best for your business

  • Strategic marketing execution for maximum results

  • No expensive full-time marketing executive salary and benefits

  • Flexible month-to-month terms

  • Total confidentiality

If your goals are to attract more clients, increase profits or create a better business model, your company can’t afford to sit still. To stay relevant to current customers—and to attract new ones—your business is constantly evolving. You may be entering a new market or launching a new product or service. You could be considering a merger or acquisition. Or perhaps you are simply updating your business strategy to reconnect with the people you serve.


However your business is changing, your brand, marketing and sales approach need to change, too. At Green Light, we specialize in helping businesses create strategies that align with their evolving business needs. We start by understanding how your business is transitioning and the goals you hope to achieve. Then we give you a strategic roadmap that outlines the initiatives that will help ensure your success. And we do it all fast. We work efficiently and use proven strategies to prepare your custom strategy and provide you with real world, implementable solutions that will quickly put you on the path to success.