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At long last, I've decided to kick-off the small business blog I have been contemplating for several years now. Why now? Because I'm still finding a void in good quality, actionable marketing advice for small business owners that drives towards real results. Marketing doesn't have to be hard and complicated. But it must be intentional.

There are lots of checklists of things to keep you and your team busy for days. But not a lot that tie the results back to the goals of your business. Where's the strategy? Where're the goals? Marketing without a strategy is like shooting an arrow without a target. You may hit something but the chances of it hitting a bullseye, let along the right bullseye for your business are slim .

If it doesn't move you closer to your goals, why do it?

So what is my goal for this blog? To share practical, actionable advice and observations that are relevant to small business owners who want to be more intentional in their marketing and sales. Businesses that know they can accomplish more but are not sure where to start. Leaders who understand that to be successful, they need to focus on their strenghts and surround themselves with experts to fill in the gaps.

My other goal is to provide thought provoking ideas. Ideas that will make you think differently about something. This will be in the form of sharing interesting articles from others, occasional book reviews and anything else that sparks for me. My hope is that it will spark something in you too.

And lastly, it is time for me to walk-the-walk. I have advised many of my clients to start blogging to develop a voice for their brand. Yes, a business-oriented blog is about connecting with your target audience but I have seen the benefits go far beyond this. It is a perfect forum to develop a platform for your point-of-view and let one's personality shine through!

Excited about beginning this journey! Please let me know what you think.

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