With keen business sense and marketing savvy from years in the corporate and agency worlds, we help you uncover your unique potential to your market.


We believe that everyone deserves access to the best strategies possible to accelerate growth and profits. Our passion is providing big branding thinking to small business challenges.


We can help you:


  • Articulate focused Mission and Vision statements to give clarity to your business of the future. 

  • Develop a strong brand platform because if you don't define your brand, your clients and competition will do it for you!

  • Create a compelling identity system that projects an image that is authentic to you, your business and your vision.

  • Help you develop your online presence including your website, blog, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile.

  • Create a customized Marketing Road Map to outline your path forward.

  • Manage your agency and vendor relationships. We don't necessarily replace your agencies. We help you use them more effectively.

  • Optimize your sales and marketing integration to ensure everything and everyone are working together towards common goals.

  • Ongoing business coaching to help you develop and maintain integrate essential business systems to create continued growth and success.

On-call Virtual Director of Marketing Package

How we use this time is completely up to you. It could be reviewing your existing marketing strategies and program, crafting new Mission and Vision statements for the business or facilitating brainstorming to solve an immediate and pressing problem. This can be be managing the day-to-day activites of your current marketing agency. Ideally, we become an integral component of your company's leadership braintrust. The beauty of this arrangement is you get what you want when you need it from an expert who knows you and your business. And without all the bloated overhead of a large marketing agency.

Services are provided for an initial minimum of 10 hours per month at a reasonable rate affordable to the small to mid-sized business owner. Services may be provided in person, conference calls, video conferencing or a combination of all three. 

Cost:           Starting at $2,000/month 

Timeline:    Ongoing month-to-month agreement

Marketing Collateral Audit

Conduct a full review of all materials used in your sales and marketing cycle. Provide recommendations on what's working, what's not and recommended next steps to better align the materials with your business goals. This is a great initial engagement to begin to uncover opportunities for growth and improvement.

Cost:           $1,000

Timeline:    1 week from receipt of all materials

Marketing Roadmap Development

Development of a comprehensive Marketing Roadmap that includes program budgets and timelines. A Marketing Roadmap is used to help companies with annual marketing planning, initiate new product launches, develop and promote new brands. The Roadmap is focused on results that drive towards meeting and exceeding the goals of your business.

Cost:           Starting at $4,500

Timeline:    4 - 6 weeks